Marisole Monday: In Space! In Color!

I thought really hard about the color scheme here. I thought originally, I was going to go the usual neon and black route like I did for my Cybergoth paper doll, but I decided something else might be more fun.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}
My only regret is that I didn’t use enough shiny in these costumes. I really should have done more of that. Oh well… Also, I think I went a little crazy for the pale green.

By the way, I wanted to mention that I’m rebuilding/editing the Magnetic Paper Doll Index at the moment, so it might be looking a little weird while I get it rewritten. I’m also seriously considering a new blog layout/theme for next year, so things might be a little janky around here while I do all of that.

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14 Responses to Marisole Monday: In Space! In Color!

  1. Annette says:

    Absolutely loved the colour scheme! First reaction. WOW! Love it, it doesn’t need shiny.

  2. marie claire says:

    Love the colour scheme too, I think it’s very original, different from what one would expect in a sci-fi trousseau. One of my favourites is the asymmetric mini-skirt with purple dots

  3. chloe says:

    I’ve just discovered your site. It’s awesome !! Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely paper dolls !

  4. Shannon says:

    Just found your site via a friend. Love love love your work. Will be spending lots of time here!

  5. Eilonvi says:

    Can’t stop browsing your blog!!! Paper dolls were like my faves when I was a child… but back then… they were scarce and here in your blog they are aplenty! I’m really overwhelmed 🙂

  6. jazz13 says:

    Wow…… No pupils….. She’s cool anyway. ;D

  7. T'Mir says:

    I wonder what species she is??))) I think I’ll take her to play with my Spock, Trip, T’Pol and other dolls))) I think its not a species any of them have ever seen)))

  8. T'Mir says:

    Ookay, I got a thought))) She’s Yrrian, her name is Aerelle, she’s a physicist, her people is peaceful and telepathic)))

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