Marisole Monday: Pattern & Grace- Full Color


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I’m a little ashamed of how long it took me to get this paper doll up and I have absolutely no excuse since the paper doll was colored weeks ago, but with family visits and a nasty cold, it took longer than it should have to be done. If you’ve forgotten, the black and white version contained a rant about how complicated the floral pattern was. I’d like to say it was easier to color than it was to draw, but that would be a lie.

Coloring that floral pattern was a pain in the neck.

Still, I’m quite pleased with how it came in and, while I am in a bit of a cold medication induced haze, I think the whole paper doll is fairly charming. I sort of regret not making her blond so that her hair net things would be more obvious, but that’s my only complaint.

By the way, lately Marisole’s face has been reminding me a little to much of an insect. If I redrew her head, would people be horridly upset? I’d make sure her clothing still fit. Let me know in comments.


  1. The doll is beautiful, as always! And it really wouldn’t bother me much if you wanted to redraw her head. I mean, yeah, her faceted eyes are kind of cool, but what goes on the blog is your choice, not mine.

  2. I like her as is, but I’m sure I’ll like whatever new design you decide on. I think I read in an earlier post that you wished Marisole had the same degree of freedom in changing her face designs as Pixie has, so it’d be cool if you could do that somehow.

  3. (I have to admit) that I wouldn’t mind if you re-drew marisole’s head.
    She is my favorite and whatever you want to do to improve her is great!
    Keep up the good work and stay inspired!

  4. Marisole’s face has always sorta freaked me out… I can’t decide how I feel about her on most days. It’s a matter of some thought. I’d like to develop a series of paper dolls, like a set of characters, say three or four all of whom can share Marisole’s clothing but who have, perhaps, more diversity in their features.

    On the other hand, I worry that trying to draw faces the have the cartoony quality I like in Marisole, but are more ethnically accurate, might fall into the realm of caricature and I don’t want to do that either. It is a conundrum. Perhaps I should leave it well enough alone.

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I just stumbled onto your site, my little girl loves paper dolls. Your art work is completely unreal!! I hope you know how incredibly talented you are!!! The variety and personality of each character so cool!! Please know that you have my up most respect!!!

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