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paper_doll_around_the_webOriginally, I was just going to link things on Flickr, or Tumblr, or DeviantArt, but in the end I decided just to intermingle them all, mostly because I lost track of the sources. Enjoy the paper dolls. Some can be printed and some can’t, but they are all beautiful or at least interesting.

And yes, this is partly because I have been crazy busy and the paper doll blog has been sacrificed for the joys of National Novel Writing Month at which I am currently a few thousand words short. Seriously, I have to get back to writing now or I’ll never hit my 50,000 word mark.

1. Japanese vintage lady, I think from the fifties.
2. Paper dolls from Japan, probably fairly modern
3. A photographic paper doll which impresses me, I’m way to self conscious to let myself be photographed for something like this
4. A set of paper figures to cut out... like 52 from Harry Potter…
5. Beautiful doll done with vectors…. I wish I knew how to use vectors
6. Beautiful comic style paper doll of the singer Lana Del Rey from Deviantart
7. Really cute African-American bride with a huge smile
8. A totally fierce looking ballerina paper doll
9. A darling Halloween paper doll , she’s so cute compared to the dark paper dolls I usually like.
10. A beautiful paper doll with an unusual stand… I’m intrigued by that bit. I wonder how well it would really work.
11. Dress up Mario… I have nothing else to say about this…
12. A little racy and a little strange, but I like this paper doll… has some visible nipples though. Just so you know.
13. A black and white paper doll with traditional Chinese costumes from Inkspired Musings. You’ll have to scroll down a bit on the post to see her.
14. A cute pair of vintage paper dolls are celebrating Halloween.
15. Very cute, but a little creepy zombie girl, I think… maybe a ghost… hard to say.
16. Free nurse paper doll from the Paper Doll Review
17. Tiny Tots paper dolls from 1967 and I love the poodle.
18. A Thor paper doll (from the movie, not from Norse Mythology)


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