24 Paper Dolls from Deviant Art…

paper_doll_around_the_webSo, I was pawing around Deviant Art again and came across some really neat paper dolls from a variety of artists. I try to only link one paper doll from each artist (usually my favorite), but you should check out their galleries. There are some really cool paper dolls on Deviant Art. I’ve done this twice before and the same disclaimer applies: Not everything here is totally safe for the kiddies. You’ve been warned.

Now, on to 24 neat paper dolls:

1. Tina paper-doll by ~Johse is a neat use of digital artwork.
2. JOHN LENNON PAPER DOLL 4 by ~89000007ANL is what every Beatles fan needs… maybe…
3. Base Dolls with lots of outfits by~razzysri and I think I should get some reference here, but I don’t. Still, I like the paper dolls.
4. Taylor and Raine – Colour by ~idareu2bme with some clothes in black and white.
5. Paper Doll Kristen Stewart High Fashion Bella by ~NovellineArt has one some sexy undies, lemme tell ya…
6. Snowwhite by ~Mauau has furry friends and some sassy outfits, plus she’s done a Merida one too.
7. Lucy Pevensie Paper Doll by ~gianjos reminds me why I like CS Lewis so much.
10. Baby Paper Dollby ~Adoratia is proof I should get over my anti-baby paper dolls thing, because its really cute.
11. Elizabeth paper Doll by ~hdub7 is another one whose reference I feel like I should be getting, but don’t. Still, beautiful old-school style comic paper doll.
12. A Little Gibson Girl Paper Doll by ~LeslieMarieDawson was done in oil pastel, I think…
13. Garden Fairy Paper Doll by ~juliematthews happens to be quite pretty and green.
14. Poker Face Paper Doll by ~wunderbunny0602 is so… Gaga.
15. paper crafts paper doll by ~foodcoloring is on a great layout.
16. Red Ridinghood Paperdoll by ~pairtiger walks the line between cute and creepy, I think.
17. Paper Doll by ~dariauk is of a ballerina.
18. MLP-Lyra and bonbon paper dolls by ~dmsal1818 are a cute vintage couple.
19. Octavia by ~BeautyBeneath has other outfits too, but this is my favorite.
20. Paperdoll by ~lamenthia would be perfect for kids to color.
21. princess by ~alexpedreira has a prince and a wedding dress, so what else could she need? (Okay, so personally, I would also give her a sword and a bad attitude, but that’s just me…)
22. Paper dolls by ~kiti83 seem very cheerful for being so undressed…
23. adrian arlington paper doll by ~beriquito has got a great pirate outfit.
24. dollface- mr. crowfeathers by ~kungpowkitten is evidence that I do like male paper dolls, I just don’t draw them often.


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