Silk and Steel: Paper Doll in Black and White

Marisole has been a lot of things over the years… She’s been a zombie and a pirate and a ninja and a member of Star Fleet, but she’s never just been a warrior chick and I thought she should be, plus I have a friend whose really into Xena and she was remarking that Marisole has been a lot of princesses, but she hadn’t ever really been ready for a fight.

So, here she is, ready for a fight. Though… I confess her armor isn’t really very… practical. Still, she’ll look cute and that’s half the battle.


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Toni Cross

    asked: Did you like playing with dolls as a kid? As in, the non-paper kind? If so, what doll was your favorite? If not, what toy was your favorite and why?

I love dolls as a kid. I still love dolls, though over the years, I have come to realize what I really loved was miniature clothing and things. I loved all the tiny clothing and accessories more than I loved the dolls themselves.

My favorite dolls were Ginny dolls by Vogue. My Ginny’s had all sorts of adventures, but my fondest memories of the Ginny dolls are when my Grandmother came to visit and she would knit and sew them clothing. I still own all the tiny outfits my grandmother made for them and the wooden furniture my grandfather made.

I should mention, Toni has a blog of her own where she has posted a few beautiful paper dolls, I particularly like her baby paper doll named Sammi.

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  1. Awww! Your Ginny was cute! It’s so cool that you still have the doll accessories that your grandparents made. I was always making outfits for my dolls out of my dad’s old undershirts and random bits of rags. I was really into Skipper sized Barbie dolls and liked making them stone and mud huts outside. Thanks for the blog shout-out and for answering my question. I’ve got to start blogging again. My computer died and I’ve gotten out of the swing of blogging.

  2. Hi there, I am soooo happy to say: I AM BACK IN TO PAPER DOLLIN’ BABAy!

    I stopped doing paper dolls a few months back, and I didn’t realized how much I missed it until I saw this doll.
    I must now find pencil and paper.


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