Haitus… for a bit I think…

downloadAs those of you who read this blog regularly might have figured out, I am going home to Alaska for two weeks, then moving to Alabama and starting a new job about which I am totally excited, but… the combination is a little… crazy.

As a result, and after considerable thought, I have decided that the blog will be on hiatus for the month of July and, perhaps, the month of August. My life is just too insane right now to support this wonderful addiction to little paper people that I have and I don’t want to just drop off the face of the Earth without notice.

So… I am leaving for a bit, but will return.

There will be when I return, I think, some changes to things here in on PTP… I haven’t decide what exactly yet, but I think things will be changing… so while I’m gone you might notice links are shifting around, pages are disappearing or other changes to the site. Fear not… it just means I’m futzing with things.

I shall try to reply to comments and emails when I can and I will certainly be drawing while I am away.

See you all in a few weeks.

– Rachel

Update: Looks like things should be back, though slightly changed, on September 1st. Got safely to Alabama and am settling in here. 🙂 – Rachel

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  1. good luck with your relocation and your new job! i still can’t believe you’re leaving alaska for alabama! will miss you, but look forward to your triumphant return!

    : D

  2. Hi!!
    I just wanted to say, that I found you on Bing and I am so happy I did!! Your dolls are just the most pretty I’ve come across and I love the clothing!! I looove Marisole Monday the most, I think, but it’s torn. All I know is that I am running out of paper.

    I do hope you get setteled in nicely, with everything going on. Though I look forward to when you come back with more. I really do just love them all and I do enjoy the read as well. Some sites are so blah and you never hear anything from the artist, so you don’t know what their thinking…lol. Well, cheers, have a wonderful move and a great summer!! At least Alabama is warmer, just watch those cross winds. 😀
    A new and devoted fan:
    Jennifer F. of Colorado

  3. Alaska to Alabama??? Speaking as one who is living in AL, I can say that is a huge change… the heat here + humidity is crazy! Hope the move goes smoothly. Looking forward to new work when things settle down for ya!

  4. The best of luck, we will miss you but you have given a lot of dolls to keep us busy until you return. Look forward to your return.

  5. I have to say, while it sounds like you’re getting a much deserved break, it’s not fair that you’re leaving when I just found your blog today! ;o) But I LOVE your work – and your blog – and hope you return soon. I’d love to subscribe to your RSS feed but don’t see a way to do that. The RSS feed at the top gives me the xml but I guess I’m missing something. Anyway, hope to connect again when you return. Alaska to Alabama… what a change! ;o) God bless…


  6. Oh, I just discovered your blog today. Please come back from your Hiatus with even more wonderful, clever, adorable, stylish paper people. I cut out my first paper dolls in 1953. I was 5. Now, a Gramma of 7, I’m still having the most marvelous time and your art and blog make it even more so. Thank You!!!!

    1. I have a few readers from Africa which I think is pretty neat. I’ve always wanted to go to South African and Kenya, but I’m not sure when I’m ever going to have the time.

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