28 More Paper Dolls From Flicker

paper_doll_around_the_webFlicker is a great source for paper doll images. They aren’t all very printable, but they are often beautiful and I rely on it to find neat and inspiring stuff, also odd and strange stuff. And stuff I think is creep as all heck, though those I don’t usually save.

Here’s a set of 28 paper dolls from Flicker, along with some that fall into the “jointed paper doll” category. Not quite traditional paper dolls, but still pretty neat. I’d love to get some and frame them in shadow boxes.

1. Tiny Betsy McCall paper doll by Siyi Lin
2. Vintage Igloo Kids Paper Dolls
3. Alice Paper Doll
4. venus paper doll
5. Exclusive Paper Doll Pattern from Emily Martin
6. Vintage little black boy paper doll
7. punk rock girl paper doll
8. Kitsune Paper Doll
9. Ted Nugent 2010 poster
10. paper_doll___goth
11. Francesca Modern Paper Doll
12. Briderella & an outfit
13. Neil Diamond paper dolls
14. Honey B paper doll
15. Midge of Barbie fame
16. Patsy’s Pin-up Page
17. Adventures of Polly & Peter Perkins
18. gilda the spy
19. Princessa Paper Doll
20. Miss Paper Doll
21. Paper jointed alpacas
22. Barbie
24. Flora McFlimsy paper doll
25. a 1920’s paper doll
26. wool & water paper doll
27. Little Fanny & her clothes
28. Mermaid jointed paper doll design

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