Paper doll blogging: Setting the bar low…


Disclaimer: I am not an expert on blogging, website design or anything else. I don’t make money doing this and I don’t have a ton of readers. Continue at your own risk.

The trick to blogging I think is this: Set the bar low, so you can achieve your goals.

And no, I am not kidding.

I might want to post every day, but there’s not a chance that’s going to happen. So, if I say I am going to post a paper doll every day and than I fail to post every day, I feel that I have let people down.

At which point, the spiral of self-doubt and guilt sets in. This is a bad spiral.

Instead, I say, I’d like to have post once a week. I know my schedule says four times a week, but my goal these days is a post a week.

I’m moving. I’m starting a new job. I can not keep to my old schedule.

And I think one post a week is about the minimum for a blog to keep itself running. So, that’s my goal. One new paper doll post a week. Sometimes I make this, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I go over it.

But if I felt like I had created an expectation that I would post everyday and failed to meet it than I would end up just feeling guilty and bad about neglecting the blog and I feel guilty and bad about that enough already.

This is supposed to be fun. When it stops being fun, I seriously need a new hobby.


  1. You do what you can, when you can. If others don’t like that, then that is there problem not yours. We love your blog and are quite happy to wait. Quality not quantity.

  2. It´s always important to do what YOU feel is right. I love when you update, but if you didn´t do it for fun, it wouldn´t be so lovley! So take your time when posting! If I make any sense… And I agree with Annette!

  3. Please continue to post. I can relate to the schedule thing (I stay home with my 2 young sons) but I must admit that your blog inspired me to start my own. Your work is beautiful and it would be a shame if it was no longer online.

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