Paper doll drafts…

paper doll template from my notebook

Every single paper doll I draw begins as a penciled template in my lined notebook. I don’t have a paper doll today, so I offer up random iPhone photos of drafts. See here is one.

paper doll template from my notebook

And another one.

I’ve been working this way since middle school… I also haven’t had a formal art class in a decade (depressing, but true), so my art skills aren’t exactly as up to par as I would like.

The result?

The dolls go through a lot of drafts. A lot of drafts.

This is what I’ve been doing. Paper doll drafts. Some of them might grow up into paper dolls. Most of them won’t get out of my notebooks.

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  1. uncle bill byford says:

    your dad gave me your blog address, so we are enjoying your good work. Maria and I have been watching alot of Jane Austin movies, and the dress worn during that era are interesting in but not very flattering to the female figure. Have you ever made that type of dress for your paper ladies? Bill

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