Short shorts and Some Questionable Sleeves… A Black and White Paper Doll

So, I went out to the movies tonight and saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” with some friends. I concluded that the Twilight Chick (whose name I had to look up on IMBD) can’t act, that I rather liked Charlize Theron when she’s evil and that the movie was better than Mirror Mirror, but I’ll take the Disney version over either any day. The costumes were pretty beautiful, especially the Evil Queens, but there’s apart where Snow White rides into battle not wearing a helmet- apparently being a princess means you’re immune to concussive head injuries.



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So, before I crawl into bed, I should answer a question.

Monica asked: Do you prefer online paper doll research, or real book research? Internet or Library? =]

Well, that’s a kinda complicated question. The answer is: It depends on what I am researching and why.

If I want inspiration for a modern or a fantasy set, than I usually stick to the internet. I use it for looking at clothing websites or checking out the latest designer shows a It’s really useful.

If I want historical costume, I usually go to books. I own about a dozen different costume books in my own collection, plus I regularly have at least a dozen checked out from the library. The exception to this are the websites of museums and libraries, which often contain digitized primary source documents or photos of items in their collections. Books are great for context. The internet is great for pictures. Some of my favorite internet resources are linked on my Research Resources page which I just finished updating, though I have some more to add later.

The truth is that I don’t really like staring at a computer while trying to draw and I would much rather have a book open in front of me than a computer screen. Though I usually draw from drafted tumbnails, so even with fantasy costumes, I rarely have a computer open when I am actually drawing.

I hope that answers your question, Monica.

So, has anyone else seen either of the new Snow White movies and what do they think of them? Should I do so a Snow White paper doll? Or an Evil Queen?


  1. Most certainly does answer my question, thanks. And yeah, I usually have a book in front of me than a computer if and when I use references. =]

  2. I just saw Snow White and the Huntsman as well. I was not a huge fan, even though I am in love with fairy tales. I preferred Mirror Mirror over the newer one…LOVED Mirror Mirror! And yes- anything fairy tales is great, paper dolls included.

  3. I’d say do a snow white one. i haven’t seen snow white and the huntsman, but I did see Mirror Mirror and it was better than I expected it was going to be, it was actually quite funny.

  4. I have seen both. I loved Mirrror Mirror. I agree about Kristen Stewart’s acting ability. I went mostly to see Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman aka Thor). It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. The costumes in both movies were phenominal. The ones is Mirror Mirror were more colorful tho. They bot had hot guys.

  5. Yes, I loved the costumes in both films. I think visually they were both stunning. Mirror Mirror reminded me of a painting come to life and Snow White and the Huntsman was a dark reflection of the traditional fairytale. I do love fairytale movies.

  6. The pdf link for the doll is broken for this one.

    Also, I agree on Kristen Stewart, though another reviewer of this movie saw her in some other movie where she did well and I think they chalked it up to the director. Nonetheless, a good actress doesn’t need a good director to rock it.

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