Marisole Monday: Fantasy gowns in…vibrant colors

Today’s printable paper doll is so bright, you might find yourself thinking “Good god, it’s radioactive” and you wouldn’t be wrong. She’s extremely a little eye-watering, I confess, but I had a lot of fun. Like Kandi, I wanted to play with the contrast of bright color to dark skin. Also, once I colored all the clothing and I looked at my Marisole skin tone color palette, I realized that most of them clashed with that obnoxious delightful green color.

Seriously, if there was ever a good post to do in black and white and in color… this was it. I doubt I would have had the gumption to go this bright if I wasn’t going to also post her in black and white.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

And now to answer a question….

So, B asked: Are you going to make another set of Flock dolls? It’d be pretty cool to see fairy tales, or maybe cyberpunk!

The short answer is: Yes.

The longer answer is that the next set of Flock paper dolls will be modern and will consist of the six dolls and a over a hundred pieces of clothing. After that I want to do smaller sets, because seriously the whole “hundred” pieces of clothing was a bit much. I have a “noir punk” set in process and a sort of futuristic set as well. Neither is close to being done though and the casual set is very close. As in, I hoping sometime this week or next, close.

I have to say I love the idea of doing something fairy tale inspired… sort of a bad ass Red Ridinghood and Cinderella set… I shall have to think about that more.

Speaking of the Questions, Tuesday is the last day to enter my drawing. I know I said yesterday that I would draw a name on Tuesday, but I realized for it to be open for two weeks it was going to have to go until Tuesday until midnight. I’ll announce the winner Wednesday. Hopefully along with a Dictionary Girls update, but since I don’t have one yet… well… we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking about doing a series of posts about things I wish I knew about paper doll blogging back when I started paper doll blogging… is that something people would be interested in? I mean, it’s not terribly paper doll related.


  1. When I see these clothes, I think of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, especially the ever-lasting gob stoppers!
    Don’t you?

  2. I would enjoy reading posts about things you wish you knew about paper doll blogging back when you started paper doll blogging

  3. More Flock dolls! That’s awesome, can’t wait. Also reading posts about paper doll blogging would be interesting, I don’t know much about blogging in general and would definitely learn something.

  4. I’m so sorry that I don’t know the name of the person who makes these amazing paper dolls but please hear me out! So I was thinking let’s say you go to a ball…when it is over do you sleep with the dress on or change into pj’s? So why don’t you make a paper doll that has fashionable pj’s…?

  5. Hello, Ms. Rachel! I just want to tell u how ur dolls inspire me. I luv ur blog! I was writing a tiny book about elves, and, what do u know, elf dolls appear on ur website! I printed them out as fast as I could. They were perfect! I tried to draw like u, but my dolls r not that good. I especially like the fantasy dolls, like fairies, mermaids, princesses, ect. Every Monday, Mommy lets me pick 1 doll. SO HARD 2 CHOOSE WHICH 1! They r all SOOO beautiful. Thank u 4 making them! – Maely.

  6. These paper dolls are the best, me and my sisters like them. I printed hundreds of them like seriously.:)glad you made them!

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