Pixie and Puck: Miana

This post will go up midnight on Sunday, so you all can print her out and play with her. I will be spending my Sunday driving back to Illinois from having been in Alabama. It’s a nine hour drive back and I am not really looking forward to it. We’ve been listening to Harry Potter on audio book while we drive up through the hills and then through the flat lands and then to the soybean and corn filled land that I call home at the moment.

The hills (they call them mountains here, but they are wrong) here in Alabama are lovely, but they are nothing compared to the sort of landscape I grew up in. I suppose that little out there compares to the awesome beauty of Alaska.


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Despite my post Friday about wanting a two bedroom, I ended up with a nice one bedroom for less then I thought I would have to spend. I’ll need to buy a washing machine, but I got a break on rent because of it. There’s a balcony which I’m excited about and a nice desk spot. Hopefully I can fit a good sized desk for paper dolling and a couch in the same space.

Guests might have to sleep on the couch.

Today’s paper doll is named Miana. She’s sort of Greek inspired, but I also thought of a young woman walking down a beach with the wind whipping through her skirts. Marisole has rocked a similar style. I thought about doing Miana all in whites and things, but that seemed boring.

If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask me, I’m having a drawing. Ask a question and that will enter you in my drawing. On Tuesday, I will draw a name and I’ll announce it.

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