Wanna Get a Custom Paper Doll?


Lately, I’ve been feeling like all my posts are sort of sounding the same.

Blah blah blah paper doll blah blah blad dresses are pretty blah blah blah weather is nice blah… which is kinda bothering me.

I mean, yeah, this is a blog about paper dolls, but it should be a little more interesting I think… so I’ve decided to ask all of you for help.

Ask me a question in the comments of this post. Pretty much any question. If you ask a question, you’ll be entered in my drawing.

The prize is a paper doll drawn to your specifications. Previous winning paper dolls have been a Steampunk Marisole, a Chinese Street fashion Marisole (which has a mis-used apostrophe that bugs me…. I should fix it sometime) and a pair of Pucks in suits (normally, the prize is one paper doll, but since it took me so long to get the Pucks done, I was feeling guilty and did two). Drawing will be open for two weeks.

I’ll use the questions to spark ideas for blog posts. So, even if you don’t win a paper doll, you might get your question answered. And that could be cool, right?


  1. I loved your Esther doll, some time back, and was wondering if you were up for doing any more biblical costume dolls.
    ps. I love your ramblings, it makes the blog personal, though I sometimes feel your are too hard on yourself, really what you give to the world is a gift, the world doesn’t demand it, what if you miss a few posts… it just makes us sit up with a smile when they start again!

  2. Are you going to make another set of Flock dolls? It’d be pretty cool to see fairy tales, or maybe cyberpunk!

  3. I love your paper dolls! My favorites are the historical themed ones. Which are you favorite? The historical or modern themed ones? Which do you prefer creating?

  4. when did you start drawing paper dolls? and how did you learn to draw?
    not incredibly creative questions, I know. but I think you’re really talented, and I’m curious. personally, I like taking art classes like pottery more than drawing or painting, cause I was never good at drawing with detail and skill (clay is a more forgiving medium, in my opinion).

  5. since you do a lot of coloring, etc. on the computer, what (if anything) do you do with the original art? Also: have you ever considered attending a paper doll convention?

    : D

  6. Marisole Monday is amazing, so many choices. Where did the original idea come from, was the first doll based on anyone special. Quilters Retreat is one I really like but don’t use the magnetic dolls. I reduced the page by 10% now the doll can wear any of Marisol’s outfits. Moms like lots of different styles.

  7. Love your paper dolls.
    What advice would you give an aspiring paper doll artist? Are there Fashion Illustration books you recommend? How about Figure Drawing books?

  8. I notice that you draw a lot from fashion magazines, which is actually pretty cool. So do you enjoy the early history of Paper Dolls? Do you have a favorite paper doll artist (one who isn’t online)?

  9. I think a ballerina paper doll would be cool or mabey a pool / summer themed doll also for some ting tiffrent you could do dolls theamed ot colors of the rainbow

  10. how long have you been drawing paper dolls for?
    could you do a cow girl paper doll that would be cool and diffrent

  11. What is your favorite sort of paper doll to draw? I mean… I think eeery thing you do is great, but what do you like to do the most?

  12. Found your page on Pinterest and fell in love. I grew up with paper dolls, not playing with them though, just cutting them out and dressing them. I am not very artistic, although I can appreciate it. Thusly, I am extremely grateful for your posts of color-able paper dolls.

    Perhaps this question has been asked and answered but…
    How do you color your paper dolls? Do you use a software program? Have you tried very many? Which ones are the best? Worst? Easiest to use?

    Thanks A Bunch!

  13. I love the Marisole Monday sets. It would be nice to have a boy or two to go with them, though. You made a prom set but they have no date!

  14. Hey! I love your paper dolls, especially Marisole.

    So for my question:
    Would you rather be
    a) a mermaid
    b) a pirate
    c) a princess
    d) a fairy

  15. I have been looking through a few of the paper dolls and I will admit this is the 1st time I have been to this site thanks to a mention of paper doll projects from bing…so I’m not sure if you have made them or not but do you have any military paper dolls girl and boy I think that would be a cool idea. Have a Marine, Army, Air Force, etc.

  16. i am new to your site i love it! i printed about 40 dolls its taking me ages to cut them out and the sorting so now my big not so big question is
    how old are you? if this is a bit personal or you don’t want to share this i ask
    have you ever done a mermaid child or fairy with wings doll?

    1. Nope. I haven’t done either of those. I don’t do a lot of child paper dolls (ie: any), though I have been working on one since that was the winner of my end of the year poll. I have done some wings for Marisole… I don’t recall the name of the set, but it was a Halloween set, so check out the October archives.

  17. I have searched the internet clean of all paper dolls, and none astound me so much as these ones. They are beautiful, unique works of art, and I would love to see more of them. Right now I am obsessed with Marisole, and her steampunk and victorian clothing, but I love the others too. Would you ever do ones as them with animal costumes, such as wolves, rabbits, deer? It could be quite cute.

    1. Animal outfits is an interesting idea, though I confess to being very bad at drawing animal patterns (leopard print and I have a nasty history). I’m glad you like the paper dolls.

  18. I know how to do leopard print….. And have you ever considered doing a Doctor Who paper doll? (preferably Marisole Monday) 🙂

  19. When did you started making the paper dolls? I love Marisole Monday so much, I mean, all the dolls are amazing and I think your really talented. Whowever, have you ever considered to make dolls from the famous movies and T.V. shows? Because I think that would be awsome.


  20. I was wondering if you could recreate a paper doll for me? I had a specific one that I really liked I only know few things about her, but hopefully, that should be enough.

    1. I do custom work on commission on occasion. Please email me at paperthinpersonas(at)gmail(dot)come and I would be happy to discuss it with you.

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