Meet Fleur, our new Dictionary Girl


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Today’s Dictionary Girl paper doll was colored after a friend of my friend complained that I didn’t have enough brunette pale-skinned blue-eyed paper dolls like her and she thought this wasn’t fair. Well, there is some truth to her remark, since I tend to favor variety of skin tone over variety of hair color. That all began when I realized the internet was full of printable paper dolls and they all seemed awfully white. Still, when a someone demands a blue-eyed brown-haired paper doll, and when they live in the same apartment building, it seems hard to refuse.

So, here is Fleur. She has the same skin tone as Alyssa and therefore can share shoes with Alyssa though I can not promise wigs will work since they have two different hair styles.

What sort of coloring would people like to see for the next Dictionary Girl?

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6 Responses to Meet Fleur, our new Dictionary Girl

  1. B says:

    I was thinking a sort of…medium tan with green eyes, and maybe dark brown hair?

  2. Ana says:

    medium brown skin brown eyes and straight dark brown or black hair (kind of East Indian or Arab looking)

  3. Toni says:

    Yay! She looks like me!

  4. boots says:

    this one is my favorite of the dictionary girls so far ~ maybe it’s the color: i love the green!

    i’d like to see a Native American or Asian dictionary girl next!

    : D

  5. Taia says:

    Wow, she has my figure! Yay for curves!

  6. Corissia says:

    Yes! Green is the best color. I’m going to throw my vote behind either Native American or Eskimo coloring. Although I do love Ana’s East Indian/Arabian suggestion, sounds like a great idea.

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