Marisole Monday: Baroque Maiden


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Today’s Marisole was supposed to go up last week, but somehow it didn’t happen. I feel like I start every post apologizing these days which I am trying to stop doing. I have mixed feelings about how she turned out. I really like the colors, but the style seems like I do a lot. I have mixed feelings about it. When I think of the baroque era of art, I think of rich dark colors with golds and reds and purples and black which was the inspiration for this color scheme. I gave her blond hair to contrast with the dark colors of her dresses.

A friend of my send me the link to these wonderful paper dolls from the Museum of Childhood in London. You can download them and print them out. Beautiful full color historic dolls. It’s so nice having friends who support my odd hobbies. So a big shout out to my friends.


  1. I really like your blog, but there’s one thing I noticed. When you’re not posting, then most of people on your blogroll aren’t posting either. Are you all in kahootz with each other? 😉

  2. Love these dresses, especially the (upside down) one with the flower on the bodice. The colour scheme is lovely too, and looks great with her hair =)

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