Pixie & Puck: Jesse


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So when I asked people what they wanted to see on the blog, male paper dolls won out. I don’t really see the appeal myself- after a while, I think guys clothing gets boring, but I am trying to provide what people have asked for (also I have had this drawn for months and coloring it was fast), so here is Jesse- another Puck paper dolls. He joins the other Pucks which can be found with their female counter-parts the Pixies. In total, I’ve done six Pucks, I believe. I guess out of over 250 pages of paper dolls, six males isn’t much of a percentage, but it’s a lot higher than zero.

Today’s Puck paper doll fits in pretty well with Dillon having another fairly standard casual wardrobe. I confess I don’t know much about male clothing, but I do my best with the Pucks. I did just notice I do seem to have a lot of blond Pucks… which is rather odd. I’ll have to work on that.


  1. i really like this! maybe you think that 6 out of 250 is a low percentage, but it’s 6 more than many paper doll people have made in their lifetimes! and 250 !!! whoa!

    my only critique comment is that the buttons are on the “wrong” side of his shirt, but hey, i’m willing to accept it as a hip metrosexual nod.

    : D

    1. Yeah, I never can figure out which side the darn buttons are supposed to be on. Or the way flys open. Or any of those annoying things. Oh well…

  2. I work with lots of poor kids, and I have a hard time keeping my little boys interested. Most paper dolls are for girls. Your paper dolls are wonderful. Keep up the good work. I am a volunteer in Arizona, and my kids love your paper dolls. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

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