Peter Pan Collars and Polka-Dots: Paper Doll Dresses


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So, I didn’t think these dresses for the Dictionary girls paper dolls would get done tonight. I barely finished the paper doll dresses up in time to post them before midnight. I’ve been drawing a lot of paper dolls lately, but those dolls haven’t been making the jump from my sketchbook into the computer very well. It’s not a time thing, though I did just get back from my trip, but rather something else. I’m not sure what…

Still, I’m happy to have managed to get this up tonight. I’ve been neglecting all the paper doll series lately on the blog (except Shadow and Light, but truth be told I had those posts drawn and reformatted before I left, so the time is lessened considerably). I should probably put together a list of things to do for the blog for the new year, but at the moment I can’t think of much. There’s always post more regularly, but I’m not sure I’d pull that one off even if it went on the list. What would other people like to see done around here?


  1. My daughter and I have recently found your blogspot and are happy we did, my daughter who is 14 especially likes Marisole. We check every couple of days just to see what’s new!

  2. for the new year i challenge you to make a male paper doll. even a cross-dressing one if need be. just for funsies!

    and more sketchbook stuff, of course. otherwise, everything you’re currently doing is fabulous!

    welcome back!

    : D

  3. Thank you, Annette. I love Marisole too. She’s one of my favorites. I’m thinking about drawing a few new faces and giving her some friends for the new year, but then I’ll need more M names.

    Me, too, Monica. That paper doll dress is my favorite.

    Oh, boots… You’re probably right. I do want to do more sketchbook posts. I’ve just recently got an iphone, so I can take digital photos easier. I’ve also been thinking about doing paper doll book reviews.

  4. oooh, reviews is fun! i would love to do more of that myself in the new year. it was part of why i started my own blog and it’s kinda fallen by the wayside.

    : D

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