African Inspired Elf: Paper Doll Coloring Page

So, this is a pretty darn old paper doll. Originally inspired when I did my Marisole Inspired by Africa paper doll, I just recently got around to finishing up cleaning her up and getting her posted.

africanelfpaperdoll1 africanelfpaperdoll2

{Click Here for a PDF of the three page paper doll set to Print}

I’ve been having some requests for more black and white paper dolls lately. This paper doll was inspired by African Fashion Week along with the idea of doing a set of elves based on something other than the traditional Western Europe approach.

Of course, I never got around to drawing any of the other ones, so we’ve got one elf here. She might be a trifle lonely, but if you print out several of her and color each of them a little different she can have friends… or clones. Clones are like friends.

One of my goals in posting this paper was to respond to those people who’ve requested more black and white paper dolls to color. So here is one- print her, color her and have fun.

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  1. She’s really pretty! I love her various hairdos. And thanks for more black and white dolls =)

    lol @ “clones are like friends”

  2. You’re welcome Sara, I do enjoy black and white dolls too (and not just because they are less time intensive for me.)

    And thank you, galaidriel and Monica, I’m quite pleased with how she came out even if she’s over a year old.

    Well, B… that’s an interesting question. The template I used to draw the base doll for Shadow and Light was the same template as I used for African Elf (the elf came first, for whatever that’s worth). However, and this is a big however, they are slightly different scales, I think, because I enlarged the template on a xerox machine between paper dolls to get more detail in the Shadow and Light ones… but then they would have been resized again after I scanned them so… To make a long story short, I have no idea if she can wear clothes from Shadow and Light, since I’m not sure what the scale difference might be on the two paper dolls. Wouldn’t hurt to try, I suppose.

    Until you mentioned it, I completely forgot I used the same template twice.

    1. I think of her as an “elf” because she has pointy ears. That’s my only “elf” requirement- warrior, princess, breeder of rare and exotic mongooses- all are tasks an elf can take on in my fantasy world. Of course…. being as she’s from “Africa” the rare and exotic mongoose trade might have to wait. I don’t think Mongooses live in Africa.

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