Pencil Skirts and Other P Things: Paper Doll Clothes

First things first- These are not historically accurate.

Now, I must say I do love skirts. I’m beginning to learn how much I love them in the last few months. I’ve started wearing them a lot more and I am really enjoying it. Pencil skirts are wonderful, because they are simple and easy and go with everything. Of course, I don’t own a crazy purple one (though I did really want a green tweed one until it was pointed out that it went with nothing else I own).


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG to Print} {Click Here for The Rest of this Series} {Click Here for the Dolls to Dress}

As with all of the Dictionary Girls paper dolls, the color of the stand should match up with the paper doll whose skin tone will match the shows and the color of the tabs match the hair to the doll they are intended for. The hair styles are more interchangeable than the shoes, due to that pesky skin tone problem.

These shoes and wigs are intended for Alyssa and Chiharu . I still feel like they need a larger wardrobe before I begin to make more dolls- though I would like to make a brunette with blue eyes soon, but that will have to wait until finals are over- so sometime next week.


  1. I would love the next doll to be Indian, as in from India seeing that they have one of the largest populations in the world it seems only right. That and their women are pretty.

  2. Yes, B, I am in finals until Friday. There’s wouldn’t be updates this week at all, except I got them all set up last week to run with little work from me.

    The truth is Ana, I don’t think much about the ethnicity of the paper dolls when I make them. I tend to think of them more in terms of colors- pale brown, dark brown, peach with yellow undertones, warm brown, brown with hints of grey, peach with blue undertones, brown with red undertones, peach with green undertones… and I could go on.

    Sometimes, I do try to depict ethnic features on a paper doll such as Asian or African, but I tend to think more in broad strokes than I do in specific nation states. Truthfully, I think women of all nations are beautiful- though I confess a certain soft spot for redheads, as I have mentioned before on the blog (yes, Anne of Green Gables might have effected me more than is totally healthy.)

    I would like, some day, to do something with the stuff that’s being produced on the runways in India. There is some amazing fashion coming out of that part of the world. 🙂

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