Constance: Paper Doll to Print

I would like everyone to meet Constance. Isn’t she cute? She’s the best friend of Prudence, I decided after I finished coloring her, though she has a less vintage inspired style. Her trousers came out a less perfect color of camel then I thought they would, but her shoes are totally cute and I love her freckles. (I blame my love of both freckles and red hair to reading Anne of Green Gables at a young and impressionable age.)


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG to Print} {Click Here for The Rest of this Series}

A woman I used to work with was named Constance, though everyone called her Connie. I have an odd soft spot for virtue names like Constance or Prudence or Faith or Grace, though I am less a fan of a few of the odder ones which were common back when the Puritans were naming their children. Naming your child Temperance is one thing, but calling them Condolence just seems odd (and that’s not even getting into some of the odder names which hung around when the Puritans were naming things). Still, I suppose that’s easy for me to say since I’m not naming a child in 1615 or something.

On a totally unrelated note (because segues are for other people), I have just recoded the entire gallery page and have folded it into the indexes and now there is a Printable Paper Doll Index page which links to all the printable series and individual dolls. If you click on the image on the page it will take to to either the blog post devoted to the paper doll or to a separate page with the PDF’s and PNG’s to print on it. I’d love to hear what people think of the change.


  1. one of the weirdest Puritan names i’ve come across: Temptation. er…that’s not a virtue!

    i am so jealous of how organized you are. one of these days i will manage something like order.

    and yes, Constance’s freckles and shoes are adorable!

    : D

  2. Really like this one, freckles are really cute. Any chance that we will be able to download the pdf for Prudence, would like to print that one.

  3. I don’t think the term is “organized” Boots, I think the term is “weirdly compulsive” :), but thank you. I think way to hard about these things. (Someday, I will add a method of genre organization….and then I will have proven what an odd obsessive person I truly am).

    Thanks Dee, this is one of my favs too. The PDF link on Prudence should be fixed. There was a problem with the file upload.

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