Coffee, Stawberry and Cream: Printable Paper Doll

goldenSo, I did this paper doll set once before, well… not this set exactly, but a very similar paper doll set called Mint and Roses. Now the idea was to try a similar color scheme and see if I liked it better. I think I do. I traded the grey for a dark chocolate brown (which has a lot of blue undertones) and the green is less muddy. On the whole, I think this set works better, though I sort of miss the orange hair of the other paper doll.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

Things are up a little later tonight then I had planned. I have been fighting with the United States Postal Service lately about if I do or do not exist. They think I don’t exist. I swear I do exist. I’ve called them twice now and spoken to them in person once. I am getting ready to leave a nice little note in my mailbox for my carrier assuring him or her of my continued residency. I should add that I actually love the USPS. They do amazing things. They get mail across this country in a remarkably short period of time. They are amazing.

Anyway… on an unrelated, look its a paper doll. She’s cute. She has a really puffy skirt.


    1. Thank you both. I really love the stripes too and I think this is a better version of what I was trying to do with Mint and Roses (though I really like that odd shiny grey skirt in Mint and Roses).

  1. I like both, really. They both have cool clothes that I would love to have in my closet, (but sadly I don’t) and I like all the colors. They are all great pieces.

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