Paper Doll Clothes with Lots of Bows

Life has a way of getting crazy and getting away from me, but I finally feel a little more on top of things after a few weeks of nothing short of total insanity. I finished a paper for one of my classes and that leaves two more to write and one final to take. Not terribly bad, all things considered.


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The first hard frost of winter hit the corn fields, and my car today. So, I guess I should be tracking down my wool socks and getting ready for the long cold winter. Personally, I would rather it stayed fall a little longer, but I doubt its going too. I think winter is actually here.

Since the winter is coming, I decided to go pastel for these vintage inspired dresses. I wanted to make the sorts of things I imagine a Southern woman wearing to church… of course, being neither Southern or having ever gone to church more then twice in my life, I have no idea if anyone would actually wear it to church. Still, I like them, but the black wig might not fit under the pastel green hat.

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6 Responses to Paper Doll Clothes with Lots of Bows

  1. Marie Louise says:

    So nice that you are back. The outfits are adorable.

  2. Dee says:

    Welcome back. I wore dresses like these when I was much younger.Very nice!

  3. boots says:

    welcome back!

    love the collar style on the pink dress.

    : D

  4. Beth says:

    So glad you are back! Hope the “insanity” calms down for you.
    And yes, southern women still do wear those sorts of outfits to church – at least the older ladies! Although some of them would never go without sleeves.

  5. RLC says:

    Thank you Dee, Boots and Beth for your kind welcome back wishes.

    You’re probably right Beth about the sleeveless dress not being proper for church. I don’t even like to wear sleeveless things to work since I feel like my shoulders should be covered. Is that old fashioned? Probably, but it makes me feel better.

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