Shadow & Light 8

Yay, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

(I’m really tempted to end the post here, but I won’t.)


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I’ve always been fascinated by how Alice in Wonderl and has spread and propagated fascinating cultural ideas. Though, I suspect Jefferson Airplane had a lot to do with it, the novel is one of my favorite as is the sequel. I’ve read them both many times and if you want to read them many times, then you can find them free online all over if you’ve never read it.

I, of course, agree with Alice. There’s not much use for a book if it doesn’t have any pictures in it, so I offer these illustrations. The outfit on the left is inspired by Alice herself and the right look is based on the Mad Hatter. Enjoy both the outfits and the paper doll.

On a semi-unrelated note, there will be Puck paper dolls up on Sunday and more sketchbook images next week as I take more photos of what I have been working on.


  1. Because I have no artistic talent I prefer the paperdolls in color but enjoy looking at those in black and white, in my imagination I try to picture them colored but somehow when I try they are always disappointing.

  2. Irma- Thank you. I have this odd love of cropped jackets… I don’t really know where it comes from.

    Dee- My goal with the Shadow and Light paper dolls (as with all my heavily shadowed paper dolls) was to create a style of paper doll which didn’t “need” to be colored in. I never imagine these paper dolls in color, I always imagine keeping them black and white. I suppose they could be colored, but that wasn’t my intention with them. I know I have some readers who like to color and I hope to post more black and white paper dolls for them in the future. I was never much of a colorer myself, I confess.

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