Marisole Monday: Book Loving Princess

I love her braids. I am less pleased with the title of this set. I am running out of things to call these darn sets. So, I just sort of pick words out of the air. I’m not sure that they are that informative for people, but what the heck? It’s a paper doll.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

I have been working on creating a new pallet of skin tones based on photographs of supermodels/actresses of various elasticities. It is slow going. I tend to think of skintones in terms of color- light brown, dark brown, brown with a little red in it, brown with grey undertones, peach with yellow undertones, peach with red undertones… I rarely think in terms of ethnicity, so I find myself skipping around looking for various “colors” to adopt. It’s been educational and I like the colors I am getting out of it.

Also, I know I owe a Puck paper doll to Kat the winner of my drawing. Fear not, Kat, it is nearly done and will be up this coming Sunday. I have not forgotten, I just didn’t get it quite finished last week.

Edit 8/10/2013: There is now a a black and white version of this paper doll for coloring. You’ll need to scroll down a bit in the post to see her.


  1. “Biblophelia Princess” or “Princess of the Library” (which, by the way, would be an AWESOME place to be princess of) for alternate titles.

    And if you REALLY run out of titles just number them: Awesome Princess #746, etc. =)

  2. I love this one’s deep complexion. I like your way of choosing colors and even more than that, I appreciate your willingness to share a variety of paper dolls that represent these colors. Thank you!


  3. “Biblophelia Princess” would be a great name for a paper doll set, Sara.

    You’re welcome, Debbie. I try very hard to balance the need for clothing (mostly shoes) to be mix and match with the desire for as many skin tones as possible. This is a new color for Marisole actually- slightly different than my previous attempts at the same basic skin tone and based on the coloring of the supermodel Alek, from Sudan. Wow, that’s probably more then you wanted to know. 🙂 Anyway, I’m so glad you like the paper doll.

  4. i love all your dolls! but if i may ask could you please do a beach set colorful towels, beach basket ,beachball,swimsuit it looks awesome in my head i bet awsomer in yours and how do i enter those contests where you win custom dolls?

    1. I’ve done one beach set for the Pixies-, though I do think Gloria looks a little bit too much like Malibu barbie. Dark skin and blond hair will be the death of me.

      Contests are open for one week. I usually announce them and then they are open for one week. Generally, they consist of answering a question or something similar in the comments of the that post. Winners are normally selected through random number generation, though sometimes through other critera. The winner than has a week to get back to me, once I send them an email, before I move onto the next winner. I add this rule when my winner never got back to me once and I didn’t really have a way to transfer the “win” to another contestant. I don’t do them very often, because the “prize” is always a bit time consuming to create. It is usually finished one month after the close of the contest. I will be doing another contest in July I think, after the blog goes on Hiatus. Your question has reminded me that I need to update the FAQ section with some contest information.

  5. Again, a beach set Marisole would be sooooo cool! I did the red and white dress red and white in the black and white version without even looking at the coloured version!!! Yay for psychic powers!! 😀

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