Four Things I am Currently Obsessing Over…

1. The Illustrations of Ivan Bilibin.

I had a picture book with his illustrations when I was a child and I’ve never really gotten over it.
Illustration by Russian artist Ivan Bilibin
This one is from Vasaline the Beautiful. I seriously want to put her in thigh high boots and a short fur cape and a pair of pants and give her a sword. But I wouldn’t remove the skull. I love the skull. I wish I could draw skulls.

2. Dolls with Huge Heads like Blythe and Pullip

Blythe Doll
This image is from Blythe for McQ Alexander McQueen for Target and I love it. I love her face. She looks so mischievous.

Pullip Doll
And this is a Red Ridinghood Pullip, and I think she’s creepy and cute and sort of interesting. I might be on a little bit of a modern fairy tales kick. (And then I realize, I’m sort of always on a modern fairytales kick.)

3. Cybergoth Fashion

@@ Cybergoth Pictures, Images and Photos
This image comes from Photobucket. I love the hair. I love the color. I am unsure about the furry leg things. Though I confess, I can’t really tell the difference between Cybergoth and Cyberpunk. Perhaps someone more in the know can enlighten me.

4. Art Deco Bridge Tallies

Pullip Doll Pullip Doll

Seriously. And I don’t even play bridge. I don’t even know the rules of Bridge. I love these art deco tallies through. The movement and the dark lines and the flat color. Wonderful.

So, these are my current fascinations. Will they show up as paper dolls someday? Yes… Yes they will. How and when, I have no idea, but it will happen. It nearly always does. Besides, it’s been a while since I did a cyber/futuristic Marisole paper doll. She’s due for some crazy hair colors and platform boots.

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2 Responses to Four Things I am Currently Obsessing Over…

  1. Poppy Fields says:

    Hi! I’m a regular stalker; apologies for not commenting before – your dedication to your PD series and how you seem to *never* run out of ideas is seriously inspiring!

    Here’s a link to more info on cybergoth: If you dig around on that site you will find more, including a bit on cyberpunk. It’s a subtle difference that’s mainly separated by music, really. Be warned: you’ll get stuck there for days 😉


  2. RLC says:

    You’re welcome to stalk the site as long as you like. :)

    Thank you for the link. I’m always looking for new source material for paper doll drawing. I’ve never had the nerve to wear crazy goth/punk/cyber clothing, but I have a secret… well… not so secret… love for it.

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