Art Deco Goddess: A Flapper Paper Doll from the 1920s

Sometimes, this blog feels a bit like albatross around my neck, only with fewer feathers. It’s gets heavy and awkward and then I don’t update for a few days and I feel guilty for not updating.

And I tell myself, “No one reads it” (which I know to not be true, but it’s a good line) or “I don’t have anything to post” (which is also usually false) or “There’s no point in posting something when I know I don’t have a weeks worth of posts” (also not true, but it’s an excuse) and, of course, “I’m too busy” (which of all my excuses is actually sometimes true).

None of these excuses really keep me from feeling guilty about the whole thing, but they make the guilt slightly easier to deal with.

I wonder if other paper doll bloggers feel this way. I don’t know. We’re not exactly a massive community.

Wow, this might be the most melodramatic post I’ve ever put up on this blog and I almost didn’t post it, but I’m struggling to be more personal on the blog. The irony is that I have been drawing, but none of it has been blog related and I have tons penciled, but am having a hard time getting around to inking, scanning and coloring. But I buckled down this weekend and got some done, so I have high hopes for at least getting back to some updating.

A flapper printable paper doll in full color with an eighteen piece mix and match wardrobe from suits to swimsuits. Free to print from

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

Starting that trend is today’s Marisole flapper paper doll rocking some roaring 1920s fashions. She’s wearing a wardrobe taken from fashion plates and magazines of the twenties. While I love 1920’s fashion, I don’t know if Marisole wears it very well. She has pretty serious hips and this was a time when long and lean was the name of the game. So, I have some mixed feelings about how they all look. Still, I have enjoyed getting to do some historical stuff with Marisole and I do think she makes a pretty cute “flapper”.

I’m also playing around with this new “related” posts feature which I think might be totally useless. I’ll give it a few more weeks.

Edit 8/23/13: This paper doll is now available in black and white for coloring, scroll down a bit on the post and you should see her.

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  1. paper doll bloggers are legion!

    well okay, maybe not so much. still, i fully appreciate your angst. dunno how many times i have thrown up my hands about it all, only to return. perseverance is the game. i know my life would be a little sadder for one less paper doll blog in the world and that it’s always happier for one more coming into being. maybe eventually there WILL be a big community and then it will all have been worth it.

    hang in there!

    : D

  2. Thanks Boots. I suppose we all have times when we wonder why the hell we do this. It’s just been a rough couple weeks here in the Land of the Corn. 🙂

    And thank you to Dee and Karoline. It is the comments that keep me coming back to the blog even if I do abandon it for a few weeks.

  3. I have missed your blog! I check it every day for new posts. (even the days when you’re not scheduled to post anything, but that has more to do with me forgetting what days you post than anything else.)

    I love this post. It makes me think of fun times.

  4. Well, I think Marisole looks good in these dresses, but if you wanted a more appropriate figure you could put these clothes on the Shadow and light doll.

    Personally speaking, you could be gone for a month and I still wouldn’t hold it against you. Paper dolls are a treat, so when a new one is up I’m happy. I would even be happy to see your non-paper doll drawings; I like drawings =)

  5. Hooray, you’re back! This one is really cute. I love all the fun, little accessories that you made. Her bathing suite and cap is especially amusing to me.

  6. I love this blog! I noticed you had been absence for a while. Figured you were busy with school/work/life. Still, I kept peeking . . . so glad you posted. A wonderful treat. You do put a lot of effort in your paper dolls and it shows. I love the 1920s! I wonder what a Paris cabaret would have been like in 1928? Or Berlin?
    Keep up the good work.
    I enjoy your art and what you have to say.

  7. I just discovered your blog following a link for your star trek dolls. All things Star Trek are good! 🙂 Thank you! And I like your paper dolls.

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