Marisole Monday: Mint and Roses

I am so happy to announce that Kat’s comment, number seven was the number which decided was to be the winner of my drawing. Congratulations Kat and please email me [paperthinpersonas (at) gmail (dot) com] with a description and reference photos of what sort of paper doll you would like. And your paper doll doesn’t have to be a Marisole, it can be any of the paper doll series I draw (Pixie, Dictionary Girls, or Shadow and Light.)


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Today’s Marisole paper doll has what I think of as my medium brown with cool undertones skin color and orange hair. It seemed like a good idea at the time… (mind you, “the time” was nearly midnight). I do love her muted, spring soft color palette, I’m just unsure about her hair/skintone combo. What do other people think?

In other news, I have had so much fun reading people’s comments and they have all made me smile. I thought I would post my favorite ten (okay, eleven) Marisole paper dolls in reverse chronological order. If you’re interested keep reading below. If you’re Kat, please email me. Otherwise, have a fantastic Monday and enjoy the paper doll.

Here is the list:

In the Nineteen-Tens…
There is usually one thing that makes me love a paper doll and for this one, I adore her hair and her hats and her maroon suit. I love this era of costume, so this doll is a favorite.

Boldly Going…
Dude, it’s Star Trek and paper dolls. How can this be bad? Actually, there was going to be a third doll in this set, a human paper doll with a dark brown skin tone and a sort of odd braided hair style. Unfortunately, she didn’t fit on the page with the others, so I left her off. She’ll be something else someday.

Tones and Shades
I’m always nervous to do paper dolls based on traditional costumes of other part of the world that I’m not from, but I really liked how this set came out. I love the layers and the layered patterns. It was a hard set to color and I’m still not sure I don’t like it better in black and white.

Neapolitan Ice Cream
Every once in a while, a set comes out just the way I had planned it and I am really pleased. This was one of those sets. Every piece turned out how I thought it should. It’s a little cute, but it’s also a little edgy and it makes me happy.

Dark & Steamy
There was something really liberating about drawing paper dolls based on someone else’s ideas. Every dress I like, which I can’t always say. In fact, I can very rarely say it. (I don’t like the doll though. Her hair just didn’t work how I hoped it would.)

Tokyo Meets Georgia
It’s really the middle dress that I love. How can I not love the off-spring of an 1850’s ballgown, a pea-coat and a kimono? Again, I think this is a favorite, because how I wanted it too look is awfully close to how it actually turned out.

Inspired by Africa
Much like Tones and Shades, I wasn’t sure about the ethnic costume aspect of this set, but I had such a fun time reading about African traditional dress and then I had such fun adapting it. I am pleased with the in-accurate results of my labors- and I never set out to draw an ethnographic study anyway.

Space Babe
She’s all about the shoes and hair. Mostly, the shoes.

Wings and Petals
I never did like how the jeans I drew for her came out, but her hair is beautiful and I like that the colors are consistent. She was the first paper doll I ever did using a planned careful color scheme that was consistent through the whole set. (And considering today’s paper doll, it’s something I have continued to do.)

Sugar and Spice
Again with the hair. I love her hair. The clothing, I can take or leave, but I love the hair. Also, her pink coat. I like this version more then the black and red version since you can really see the details of the costumes.

An Elven Princess
The first paper doll, I ever did that I struggled to find enough space on the page to fit all the pieces. Actually, I didn’t find enough space. There was a long cape thing which never made it onto the set page. I have a sort of odd collection of “bits and pieces” which I’ve cut for space over the last two years.

And that is the ten… well… eleven Marisole paper dolls that I love the best. Truly, I could have listed more, but these ones I am still proud of. I have yet to post a Marisole that I feel is a total failure, though I have posted some that I’m not sure I should have. Oddly, one of those was Knights and Ladies until I learned it was Rebekah’s favorite. Now, I’m glad I posted it, even if I don’t like it. 🙂


  1. I have an idea for those random bits. Why not make a set called “Bits & Pieces”, and use the third Star Trek doll? Or, you could make a gheto set and use her, and make a new doll for “Bits & Pieces”. Either way, I think it’d be cool. 🙂

  2. re: the hair ~ maybe it’s just the combo of that fiery orange against the minty green. i love the skin & hair combo, but it definitely looks a little jarring against the rest of the palette.

    then again, sometimes jarring is cool too!

    : D

    1. Maybe… I’m still unsure about the skin tone and the orange. I think it might be a bit of both. I meant for it to be a softer orange then how it came out and now I have seriously mixed feelings… still, not every paper doll is perfect.

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