Shadow and Light 4

The best thing about the Shadow and Light paper dolls is that I decided to number them rather then title them. Perfect solution to my natural problem of coming up with titles.

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I’m always excited when I stumble across paper dolls in while I’m not actually looking for them. Final Fashion is a great fashion illustrators blog which features lots of beautiful fashion paper dolls. They are available for purchase, but every one can also be seen to just gaze longingly at. One of my pet peeves is when people have paper dolls for sale, but you can’t really see each page of the paper doll or the clothing. There’s a few artists I will buy on faith, but generally I like to see what I am getting. My favorite is her Vionnet paper dolls. Madame Vionnet is a somewhat under appreciated designer from the early 20th century who introduced the world to the bias cut dress. Unfortunately, her style was very much of its time and hasn’t really survived to be present which is a pity.

On a semi-related note to the Madame Vionnet ramble, I am curious if people would be interested in knowing which fashion books I use when I’m doing research. I’ve been on this Japanese kimono book kick for a few weeks (literally, my table is covered in them) and I’m trying to decide if fashion/costume book reviews are something people would like to see. Thoughts from the masses?

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  1. I would love fashion book reviews! I love to collect books with pretty clothing in them. Second of course is actual content, it is nice know what symbols and stuff means and how the garment is put together, what it’s made of. But mostly I just want pretty pictures. I love the Fashion in Detail books for that =)

  2. Thank you both for your imput. I’ll have to give it some thought. I have a big pile of costume books on my dining room table at the moment (fortunately, I live alone, so it’s not like I need it to eat at) and I realized I was sort of keeping my own notes on which ones I liked which seemed like an obsession I could use for blog fodder. I’d like to evolve the blog beyond just my paper dolls… I’ll have to give it more thought. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the link & the kind comments, you made my day! I love what you’ve got going on here, I like the way you share your thinking, it makes sense to share the research process too.

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