And More Sketchbook…

I confess, I am not the worlds best photographer. I think I need to get better at sharpening images in photoshop… Anyway, here is more from my sketchbook.

I might have rented Xena: Warrior Princess from the library before drawing these.

I noticed recently, I hadn’t done much casual simple clothing for Marisole recently, so I did these up. I think of them has hiking clothes and I’m thinking of giving her a backpack as an accessory.

These sorts of things are what I draw when I don’t know what to draw.


  1. I love what you draw when you don’t know what to draw. I love the fantasy and princess themes in your dolls and clothes. I also worship your drawing skill – I wish I could drwa someting near that; I would draw paperdolls too, with that lovely anime style (I looove anime and manga books). How you draw? Do you have a doll model to draw the clothes? Ii would be great to have more of your clothes in black and white so I could paint them with my niece. She’s 5 and is starting to like paperdolls (have to compete with computers and winx cartoons, and dinosaurs that travel in trains..). I like the Xena style for Pixie and the casual clothes for Marisol are very cute. Now she can go to highschool.

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