Magnetic Paper Dolls

Magnetic Paper Dolls

I have become fairly addicted to the idea of magnetic paper dolls, so my first ever tutorial for the blog is about how to make magnetic paper dolls with a set of images I created for the purpose. I used to dismiss magnetic paper dolls as the misbegotten children of paper paper dolls, but I promised a friend I would make her some magnetic paper dolls.

She came to visit and while we were hanging out watching a movie (and I was drawing for the blog), she commented how when she had a school library of her own, she wanted to have a set of the Marisole paper dolls that would be magnetic for the children to play with. This got me thinking about magnetic paper dolls in a different way. How hard would it be, I wondered, to turn Marisole magnetic.

Well, since she just got her first job as a school librarian (Yay!), I gave her the in-progress set when I saw her last. She loved them, but was worried that the kids might ruin them. I said I would post the PDF’s of the images on the blog, along with directions so that she could print out new ones if she needed too. Of course, it took longer then expected.

Anyway, here are magnetic versions of Marisole (Pixie magnetic paper dolls are forthcoming). Enjoy them and I would love the hear for anyone if actual children like them. They managed to entertain me for a lot longer then I should admit in public, but I don’t have any readily available children to test them out on.

You can expect to see future editions to these as I convert old sets to the right size and remove their tabs. Enjoy.

{The Directions to Make Magnetic Paper Dolls}

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7 Responses to Magnetic Paper Dolls

  1. Paula says:

    I have just printed out the magnetic Marisole and 2 sets of clothes for my 4 year old daughter. I think she may have permanently re-homed herself in front of the fridge! Thank you for all your work on these, she loves them and it made mummy happy too – I wanted to introduce her to my childhood love of paper dolls but was worried she was too young to manage folding over tabs and would get frustrated, these are the perfect solution :)

  2. Rosie says:

    I like the dolls very much. We printed them out on magnetic paper and we are going to stick them on the fridge. I like the armour set because I don’t just like girly-girl dolls; I like tough ones too! (I am 10 BTW)

    Thankyou for the dolls!

  3. crista says:

    I like paper dolls. I have a daughter(cheyenne) but she is cerebral palsy so i want to make them for my niece(alana) who is 5 yo she has an easel that has a magnet board on one side and the other side is chalk board. we three, me, Cheyenne and Alana(who would love to play with the paper dolls with my daughter. I like to see them interact with each other. thank you for the paper dolls

  4. ruth says:

    i want to make the magnetic dolls sets for my daughters who are 9, 8,7, and 5 but i have a 4 yo boy who will also be playing for sure as his fellow male sibling is only 3 months and though he has plenty of his own toys will not let himself be excluded from playing with his sisters toys. i had at first thought to make the paper doll sets for them all and try to fortalize them with card board as my kiddos can be pretty destructive especially my hyper little son but then saw the magnetic dolls. im so excited but the only downside is no boys dolls. can i just print out the male paper doll sets on the magnetic paper will it work? im very new to everything including my laptop and printer im not sure about sizes everything looks pretty simple but i wasnt sure.

    • RLC says:

      Yes, if you print any of the paper doll sets on magnetic paper they will work as magnetic paper dolls, with the exception of some of the hats and some of the wrap around collars and the capes for the Superheros. Be sure to cut off the tabs. I am working on getting the Puck’s and Pixies up as magnetic versions, and I should have then done soon… I just don’t know when it’s going to happen. Bare in mind, that magnetic paper isn’t cheap, so the more white space in the imagge, the more paper you’re using to get the number of outfit combinations. That’s why I reformat the paper dolls for magnetic versions.

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