Curves 2.0 Template Sketches Or What Happens When I Try to Scan Pencil


template1So, the last post about this new paper doll series was about the inspiration. This one is about the template. Every paper doll I draw is traced from a template that I usually draw on lined paper. It’s cheap, has lines for portions and I don’t feel guilty if I go through like seven or twelves sheets of it. I actually ended up with like fifteen versions of this template before I had one I thought was final.

Rather then sharing all fifteen (because the differences become pretty damn minor at some point), I’m only sharing three. I’d say this was because I think these three most well illustrate my process (and they do do a fairly good job of that), but really it’s because the idea of scanning 15 of basically the same thing was enough to strike fear into my heart. Not that I don’t love to share, but there is a limit.


So, on the left is the first doodle with lots of lines and a rough idea of the size and the pose. I knew I wanted to have the legs together, so she could be easily turned into a mermaid if I wanted too. On the right, is the second stage of the process around midway, I’m a little unsure about the feet though… it does make shoes difficult and I love shoes. I always fret a bit about paper doll poses and I have to think about the type of doll and what I plan on drawing. I never know exactly what I plan on drawing for clothing, so that becomes another issue entirely.


Lastly, here’s the final. She’s not perfect yet- there will be a few more changes when I actually trace her onto sketch book paper. I want to give her larger breasts and a slightly fuller hips. I’m also unsure about her left hand placement. More editing is fairly inevitable.

I know I’ll probably put her into some sort of polka-dotted swimsuit and I think she’ll have wigs which means she’ll need a short hairstyle of some sort to start off with. I’ve only ever done one bald paper doll to give wigs and my friend informed me that she looked like a chemotherapy patient. I never did that one again.

Now that I’m getting ready to really start drawing, I need to make decisions about things like- do I want to work in color? Will I have heavy shadows? what size do I want the paper dolls to be? How many dresses per post? Do I make them mix and match or outfit based? Are they going to be a new doll every post or will I have a set of dolls and just draw new outfits? Is there going to be a theme? Will I step out of the vintage feel for costumes?

Ugh… I hate making decisions. Maybe I’ll have a poll.

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5 Responses to Curves 2.0 Template Sketches Or What Happens When I Try to Scan Pencil

  1. Sara says:

    I like this pose, it’s very sexy and sassy. Just what you want a pin-up doll to be =)

  2. Monica says:

    I like polls!
    Whatever you want to do with it is great for me. I like your color, but I know that has a lot of extra time in it for you. I also like your heavy shadows. They are unique. I personally would make a set of dolls and just draw new outfits. That isn’t as time consuming. =]
    Just some of my thoughts. I know you are busy, so I picked out the less time consuming ones. =]

  3. RLC says:

    Thank you Sara.

    Those are all good thoughts Monica. I have a fair bit of time right now, but I need to think longer term since school will start again come fall. I am thinking at the moment that I will likely have some posts which are dolls and some posts which are clothing. I’m leaning towards black and white, but might change my mind. We’ll see.

  4. Kim Conner says:

    I like the black and white and shaded versions, only because I like to color them myself. And I REALLY like this body shape as well. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. RLC says:

    Thank you Kim. At the moment in my little poll, shadowed and color are tied. I expected color to win by a landslide, so I’m rather enjoying the surprise change of pace.

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