Marisole Monday: Stylish in Denim


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I had realized I hadn’t done a blond Marisole paper doll in a while, so I thought I would do so. I’ve also been working on a Marisole side project which made me realize how few pairs of pants I had ever drawn for the paper doll. To solve both these problems, I offer up and pants wearing blond paper doll. I never said my justifications were entirely logical, I just said they existed.

Maybe it’s because I am in library school, or perhaps simply because I tend to be analytical by nature, but I think a lot about what I could do to improve PTP. So, I made a list and my goal is to try to do these things over the next few weeks months.

1. Post more regularly. (I do think I am improving on this one.)
2. More process content. (Things like the post about inspiration for Curves that I did.)
3. Links to museums and libraries in an organized fashion or maybe posts about historical costume. Is that something people would enjoy? I’m not sure…
4. Tutorials (?) I don’t know what I would do tutorials about, which is part of the problem.
5. Additional access points to the site. I’d like to do some sort of theme and subject based indexing, but I’m not yet quite sure how. Thoughts are ongoing.

That’s my list of things I think the site could use. What would other people ask for if they could?

Update 8/11/2014: This paper doll is now available in black and white for coloring. You can find her here.


  1. I personally don’t think you need to do tutorials. Most people don’t. Liana needs to do more, cause she’s a freakin’ wizard with coloured pencils… but that’s just her.

    I like the links to old fashion plates that you have on your Flora doll posts. Maybe links showing stuff that inspired you to draw an outfit? The process stuff is also fun.

    I like this doll and as usual, I want all her clothing lol =)

  2. I think it would be interesting to see just one tutorial…. I like your clean cut lines and the pretty colors that are computer made, and I still have yet to figure that out. (Even though you told me already!) =]

    More process content would be cool. And maybe some inspiration photos.

    Hope I helped!

  3. Well, Sara, you’re somewhat more in luck with the wanting the clothing thing for this paper doll since nearly all of it is based on things which do exist. In fact, I used to own the purple top (in a more magenta shade) until I stained it so badly with ink it had to be thrown out. I still miss that top. 🙂

    Yes, Monica, people have asked to know how I do my dolls on the computer and I keep meaning to take screen captures of the process, but inevitably I seem to remember I want to take screen captures somewhere around step seven and then I’m like… well, darn… I’ll do it next time. Of course, next time I do the same thing. 🙂 It will happen someday, I hope.

  4. You should get a sticky note and attach it to your computer to remind you to take process pictures. Sticky notes help me remember to do stuff at work >.>b

  5. Adore the red top.
    I would love to read more about the process and see pictures of sketches in various stages.

  6. I would really like to have several of the clothing items in this set for myself. Namely that blue dress. I also like that you chose a softer, less yellow-tinted blond.

    You do seem to be posting more often, there’s so much more to look at when I check up.

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