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Obviously, I have been watching to much of Demolition Man while practicing my shiny textures. Actually, on Friday, I did just that. A girlfriend and I got together for pizza, a cupcake each from the bakery and movies.

First we watched Demolition Man which is basically everything good about a Sylvester Stallone movies distilled down in to a thick glorious syrup. After Demolition Man (I kinda want to draw the police uniforms from the future now, but I need to make more notes before I try), we watched My Fair Lady.

Yes, a bit of a change of pace but there’s dancing and singing and Rex Harrison in tweed. How can Rex Harrison in tweed ever be a bad thing?

I might have a thing for tweed.

Moving gracefully away from my thing for tweed, I have a poll right now up about the blog schedule. People should vote. Its more for my information then for any major site changes.

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  1. Awesome! Demolition Man is one of my favorite movies ever! I just love how they insert social commentary about everything into a complete sci-fi fluff piece. Plus, it has Sandra Bullock in it, and she is awesome.

    I still wonder how the shells work >.>

    Also, the PDF link doesn’t work =(

  2. Hmm…. it works for me when I try it. Um…. try clearing your cache (since when I know I had to upload it twice while I was working on this post) and if that doesn’t work drop me a note and I’ll email you the file.

  3. Weird, it works just fine today. I didn’t even do anything lol. I blame the chaos gods of the interwebs. They are fickle creatures.

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