Neapolitan Ice Cream: Steampunk Printable Paper Doll

I don’t normally start with a color scheme. I normally start with an idea and then worry about how to color it, but with this paper doll set I started with a color scheme. I knew I wanted to do something with browns and creams. The pink came from the desire to pick a contrasting color that was warm rather then cool.


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I decided to name this paper doll set after that ice cream with the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry stripes that I always used to think was called Napoleon Ice Cream, but I realized later that it actually had nothing to do with short militaristic Frenchmen and was actually called Neapolitan Ice Cream after the city of Naples. So, I’m glad I found that out before I wrote this post and sounded like a total ditz. I take some pride in only being a partial ditz.

I’m actually quite pleased with how this paper doll came out. I really like the contrast of the red hair with the brown and pink color scheme, though I confess I originally tried her out with every other hair color since I felt like I have done a lot of redheads and then I gave up and decided didn’t care. I’ve likes redheads ever since I saw Anne of Green Gables on TV as a child.


  1. Ooo—that is very pretty. I like all the colors too. =D I especially have a thing for the jacket in the middle on the right. I would wear that.

  2. I also called it Napoleon ice cream… actually I still do sometimes just to stick my tongue out at the people who want me to pronouce things all proper like.

    Love the doll, you make the cutest clothes ever =) When I’m Queen of the Universe I’m gonna have people make clothes like this for me.

  3. Gweeeee!!!!! I love love love them! Pink and white and brown is one of my favorite color combos- feminine, but not so sweet it’s sticky.

  4. Napoleon was not short, and he was not French either. Bonaparte was 5’6 and of Corsican origin. By the way, the clothing is fantastic. I love your style of drawing!

  5. i didn’t know it was Neapolitan till a few weeks ago sometimes i still call it Napoleon it’s easier plus it’s stuck

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