Neapolitan Ice Cream: Steampunk Printable Paper Doll

I don’t normally start with a color scheme. I normally start with an idea and then worry about how to color it, but with this paper doll set I started with a color scheme. I knew I wanted to do something with browns and creams. The pink came from the desire to pick a contrasting color that was warm rather then cool.


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I decided to name this paper doll set after that ice cream with the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry stripes that I always used to think was called Napoleon Ice Cream, but I realized later that it actually had nothing to do with short militaristic Frenchmen and was actually called Neapolitan Ice Cream after the city of Naples. So, I’m glad I found that out before I wrote this post and sounded like a total ditz. I take some pride in only being a partial ditz.

I’m actually quite pleased with how this paper doll came out. I really like the contrast of the red hair with the brown and pink color scheme, though I confess I originally tried her out with every other hair color since I felt like I have done a lot of redheads and then I gave up and decided didn’t care. I’ve likes redheads ever since I saw Anne of Green Gables on TV as a child.

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9 Responses to Neapolitan Ice Cream: Steampunk Printable Paper Doll

  1. Monica says:

    Ooo—that is very pretty. I like all the colors too. =D I especially have a thing for the jacket in the middle on the right. I would wear that.

  2. Ana says:

    don’t feel too bad I called that ice cream Napoleon too when I was little.

  3. Riti Roy says:

    Beautiful , as usual ! 🙂

  4. Sara says:

    I also called it Napoleon ice cream… actually I still do sometimes just to stick my tongue out at the people who want me to pronouce things all proper like.

    Love the doll, you make the cutest clothes ever =) When I’m Queen of the Universe I’m gonna have people make clothes like this for me.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Gweeeee!!!!! I love love love them! Pink and white and brown is one of my favorite color combos- feminine, but not so sweet it’s sticky.

  6. April says:

    I called it Napoleon until I was ten. It’s my favorite ice cream.

  7. Queen of Anarchists says:

    Napoleon was not short, and he was not French either. Bonaparte was 5’6 and of Corsican origin. By the way, the clothing is fantastic. I love your style of drawing!

  8. joanne says:

    i didn’t know it was Neapolitan till a few weeks ago sometimes i still call it Napoleon it’s easier plus it’s stuck

  9. joanne says:

    my birthday is in 1 wk 4 days!

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