Pixie & Puck: Delia

I wanted to do a set based on winter clothing, but I liked the idea of playing with color. Rather then doing the traditional color scheme, I wanted to do something in pastels and spring colors.



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It’s slowly becoming spring here in the mid-west. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the idea of seasonal change happening so rapidly. It seems like only a few days ago I needed my hat, gloves and boots to go out and now I can wander around in jeans and a sweater. It’s nice to be coat free, but I always liked the winter, so I shall miss it.

And since it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, I doubt I will miss it for long. 🙂


  1. Over here in the Inland Northwest, we’re getting taunted with lovely balmy days- and then a crushing, cold rain. I’d love to wear these clothes for what’s left of winter!

  2. I, on the other hand, get annoyed by the alternating weather forecast. Once, it goes warm, why can’t it just stay that way?

    Well, I guess you’re bound to be disappointed once in a while when you pin your hopes on a silly groundhog…

  3. I get annoyed by the weather that is too warm for my jacket during the day and too cold for my light jacket at night, especially since I work nights. Makes it annoying when going to home. I like her green coat, though I’d prefer a darker green for myself.

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