Pixie: Amelia


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Of all of the Pixie paper dolls I have done over the last few weeks, this is perhaps my favorite. I love how her hair came out and I think she looks fun and cute and interesting. I also think her wardrobe is fairly versatile. All in all, I’m pretty proud of her.

I hate that I don’t have much else to say intelligently about this paper doll, but sometimes all I can offer up is a few sentences. Also, I have papers to write and a custom Marisole Monday to finished (which, though I am only halfway done, is coming out quite nicely I think.)


  1. Thanks, Janani. It’s always fun to hear from people.

    When I do a poll, I just copy and paste the code Twiggs.com provides into my posts and, for the sidebar, into my site format source code, but if you’re not at least a little comfy with CSS and XML and SQL, then I would be wary of doing anything to the raw code of your site. So, you might want to stick to the posts option where you’re probably not editing raw code.

  2. Weebly has a custom html option, which I use. So, do you you basically put the poll into both the sidebar and the post, and the same results show up on both? Thanks!

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