Marisole Monday: On Ice!

This weekend has been very busy. I spent most of Saturday morning helping my friend push her car out from where it was stuck in a snow berm and then did a lot of reading and homework. I did go play board games with some friends on Saturday and managed to lose at Catan twice, but had a lot of fun while I did.

I need to buy that game. I enjoy it, but I don’t own a copy.


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Today, we have Marisole: on Ice! When I was a kid and I watched figure skating, I always judged them on their costumes, but then…. doesn’t everyone? I also liked it when they skated to things that weren’t classical music. When I was working on this paper doll, I spent a bit of time on websites that sell figureskating gear and I learned some things like the tights that figure skaters wear cover the tops of the boots (this makes a lot of sense, actually, because it would make it easier to move) and that my ice skates don’t look much like actual ice skates.

I had fun drawing them though. 🙂

Marisole’s maroon costume is supposed to look as though parts of it are transparent, but I don’t think the effect worked very well. I need to figure out a way to making things look transparent when I color them on the computer, but I haven’t figured out a good way to do it yet… I think I will eventually. If anyone knows any tricks, I’d love to hear about them.


  1. Yep, I judged them on their costumes too. I was actually glad when they started getting away from the really frilly, flashy costumes and started doing simpler costumes (like yours). Since they’re so short I always considered the dresses to be kin to fairy or pixie dresses, and those don’t have that much encrusted sequins and beading. Plus, Tonya Harding’s wardrobe malfunctions just made the soctumes seem even more silly and impractical.

  2. i don’t know about other ppl but i thought the maroon dress looked transparent enough, though i think the green dress looks more like a cheer leading uniform than a figure skating dress.

  3. can someone tell me why most of our profile pictures are drawings of monsters which i think is sorta creative OK very creative i had an idea maybe i’ll share out paper dolls in the treat bags i give out at my birthday which is in 1 wk 4 days

  4. I will have to look into that. I don’t know. Wether I can convert a paper doll set to black and white or not depends on how I saved the original files. I haven’t checked on this set.

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