Pixie: Gianna


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Pretend there’s an intelligent, complex, remarkable post here. I mean there isn’t… but let’s pretend.


  1. The magificent phrases of your post have transported me to a land of delightful enjoyment, making the whole of reality seem but a pale grey shadow to be tossed aside in favor of the marvelous picture you’ve painted with your words.

  2. Wow I usually am just a lurker on here, but I really like this doll. Her coloring and her figure are similar to my own, but most of all these two dresses are just gorgeous. I would love to make a dress that looked like that for me. Dolls have such nice wardrobes lol.

    I especially love the blue colored one. It’s magnificent.

  3. Thank you, Monica and Sara, I’m glad you found the post so moving. 🙂

    One of the advantages of this pose is that I am not at the mercy of the arm placement as much as I am with some of my other paper dolls, so I hope to do more over the top fantasy costumes. I’m glad you liked it, Angel.

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