Marisole Monday: Nautical Girl

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There’s something very 4th of July about today’s paper doll. That wasn’t my intention for this paper doll, though I think she does have a red white and blue scheme thing going. I remember reading over the summer that nautical was in style, though I have to confess my interest in fashion extends as far looking for things to turn into paper dolls, much to the amusement of my friends who often make fun of me buying fashion magazines and then just looking at the pictures.

On a totally unrelated note, there is a new poll up- basically I’m curious to know if people like the comic press format or think I should convert back to a traditional blog format. I’m not promising to follow the results (since the level of technical difficulty to convert will be a factor in my final decision and I haven’t looked into that), but I am curious what other people think.

Update 8/11/2014: This paper doll is now available in black and white for coloring. You can find her here.

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  1. I like the current site.

    I like the red white and blueiness of her outfits. I would totally wear that awesome red dress. Or that blue skirt. It looks like it would twirl well.

  2. I love your current site set-up. It’s fun, unique and simple, while still showcasing your artwork.

    I really like this set, especially the blue & white striped top. Marisole’s hair looks looks cute too.

  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words. My favorite is the red dress too, Sara. As far as the site, I’m mostly curious what people think. I will be doing some sort of redesign I think, I just don’t know how far I’ll be going with it.

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