Marisole Monday: Modern Girl In Black & White


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I had a request from a regular commenter named Sara to do a Marisole paper doll post in black and white. I thought- Sure, I can do that. How hard can it be? I forgot what I learned from doing a Marisole post in two different color schemes (a gothic scheme and a pastel scheme) that it’s harder than you might think. Still, I think the outcome is rather fun. I openly confess that I never thought of Marisole in black and white, but I think the paper doll is cute in that format. And it gives people a chance to color if they wish.

When I was working on it, I did think maybe I’d start regularly posting Marisole in both styles, but then I decided that was just too much work.


  1. Oh… I can’t WAIT to color this, but I think I like MArisole in color better then in black and white cause I like to see all the neat colors you make the dresses and things for the paper doll.

  2. It’s likely there will be a few more Marisole’s in black and white. I did not expect people to be as excited about the black and white version. It’s too time consuming to do every Marisole paper doll this way, but I can do a few more.

  3. You should do a ton of black and white ones because I don’t have color on my printer so the color ones turn out all grey and black

    1. I have recently begun posting every Marisole in black and white followed by a color edition the following Monday. Plus you can check out the black and white category on the site to see all the paper doll that I’ve done in black and white.

  4. these are AWESOME!!! I have 2 little girls who fancy themselves fashion designers and these are perfect for letting them experiment! Thank you so much!

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