Marisole Monday: Undead Beauty


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It’s Marisole as a vampire for Halloween. That’s really all I got here. I also drew a set of costumes for her I should have posted last week, but didn’t. So… I think it’ll go up next Monday.

She does have fangs. You can’t really see them in the smaller version, but they are obvious in the larger PNG file of the paper doll.

There’s also a poll in the sidebar, if you feel like voting and haven’t already.


  1. Cool! And its a great ending to October! I think I like this post the best of the marisole Mondays! I like all the work you do for all your posts! Good luck on any more paper dolls!

  2. i love all the interchangeability with the various pieces. this is something the katy keene designers were amazing at as well. you do color so well (okay, there’s a lot of black here, but i mean generally)!

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