Curves: 1940’s


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I do love vintage fashion and though the 1940’s are not my favorite period, I drew this set of paper dolls around the same time I drew last weeks Curves post. In fact, it was exactly the same time, as with that post I used the Vintage Fashion Wiki to find pattern covers from the 1940s and then drew them.

Though I like the way it turned out, I am the first to confess that my interest in 1940’s costume can be linked entirely to my love of Foyle’s War another fantastic BBC drama. I love BBC dramas much more than I should. Plus I can get them from the library for free which when you’re a starving graduate student is a lovely advantage. To be fair, I’ve also been watching a great deal of The X-files, but I doubt I am going to drawing 1990’s suits a la Dana Scully. I’m just not that much of a fan of early 90’s suits.


  1. hey there! i’m writing to you from germany and i would love to “book” your amazing paper doll to model for me.
    i would use her on the flyer i will make for a little charity fashion event here in freiburg. do you agree? i can’t pay you anything but you would really do me a favour! please say yes!

  2. Hi, Esmerrralda-

    I don’t really feel comfortable allowing usage of my paper dolls for any sort of commercial use (profit or non-proft, charity or otherwise) without it being discussed in detail and an agreement being made in writing. If you’re still interested, drop me an email (paperthinpersonas (at) and we can discuss it further, but with what little information I have now, I am going to ask that they not be used.

    Thanks. 🙂

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