1930’s: Historical Printable Paper Doll

Curves: 1930s

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I sort of collect historical costume and vintage fashion resources around the web. One of my favorites is The Vintage Patterns Wiki full of pattern covers from the 20th century. From there, I found the wonderful blog What I Found where the author had posted a Simplicity Simplicity Fashion Forecast – 1937 advertising book. It’s wonderful. Curve’s paper doll costumes both come from this lookbook from the era- one smart suit and one summery casual frock. Her shoes are based on illustrations in John Peacock’s book Fashion Accessories.

I’ve been drawing a lot, but not posting a lot which is rare for me. Usually, I’m struggling to keep up with the blog and come up with ideas. Lately, all I’ve been wanting to do is draw and when it comes time to scan or color, I just sort of go, “Meh”. I think it’s because I find drawing relaxing and posting is more like work. Anyway, today’s Curves is going up and on Friday there will be a Florence (one of the last Florence’s I suspect) and starting in November there will be a new Fashion Doll Friday paper doll, of style I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll put it too a vote.

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  1. I like both hats, they are cute. I have seen her blog, it is huge.
    I know John Peacock’s work he has quite a few books that cover many time periods.
    It is okay to renew and refresh yourself mentally every now and then by taking time away to just draw or what ever. We (your fans) will be waiting when you come back. I visit at least once a day when my server and my health allow.

  2. i agree with Lei ~ don’t stop Florence! maybe you can bring her into the 1880s, or go back to her childhood in the 60s, but don’t ditch her!

    i really love your way with shoes ~ here again is an amazing example of your attention to detail. you’re got the styles exactly right.

    : D

  3. Thanks everyone for their thought’s on the Florence thing. She will be ending, but a new fashion doll will take her place and, hopefully, be just as much fun. Though I like your suggestions, Boots, the purpose of Florence for me was to draw a mostly accurate French fashion doll from the early 1870’s and her wardrobe. I’ve done that. I’m ready for something new.

    If people have opinions on what I should replace her with… there’s a poll up now on the main page. Go vote. 🙂

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