CyberGirl- Part Three

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I try not to have favorites among my paper dolls, but I do have favorites. And these are two of my favorite of Cybergirl’s costumes. They feature all the things I sort of love- straps, tweed, crazy hair, a little bit Victorian, wacky jewelry, absurdly impossible to wear…

The joys of fantasy dressing through paper dolls.

So, I got a couple good responses about Fashion Doll Friday and what I should do about my apathy towards Florence. Since I have a few dresses already penciled, scanned or ready to post for her, things won’t be changing for a while, I assure you. I spent last night drawing and inking and working away on paper doll things, so Marisole will get some cute Ancient Greek inspired duds tomorrow. I also put some time in on a new paper doll, possibly a serial one. I wish I knew where my digital camera was so I could preview her. Maybe another time.

Until then, enjoy the future of fashion in this set of paper doll dresses.

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4 Responses to CyberGirl- Part Three

  1. Corissia says:

    For some reason this post is displaying the greek marisole and the pdf isn’t working.

  2. Lizzy says:

    I LOVE her outfit on the left. It’s so cute.

  3. RLC says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes when I schedule things, strange things happen while I’m not looking. I fixed the image display issue and reloading the corrupted PDF. It should work now. Drop me an email if it doesn’t.

  4. Corissia says:

    Yay, thanks for fixing it.

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