Fashion Doll Friday: Florence’s Croquet Costume

A croquet costume for Florence, a paper doll of a french fashion doll from the 1870s.
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There’s an excellent article about croquet costumes from the Machester Art Gallery and it includes some wonderful Victorian croquet costumes including the dress in blue white and red I based Florence’s croquet dress off of though it dates from a bit later then the rest of her attire being from 1875-1878 which is after my usual 1875 cut off date. In the Manchester Art Galleries wonderful costume collection, there is an archery jacket from 1787 which is beautiful. I never realized archery was considered an acceptable female sport in England as early as that or that the Royal British Bowmen allowed women full membership with voting rights and a snazzy official uniform.

Maybe Florence needs an archery costume. I like to think she’s the sort of adventurous lady who would do well in archery. On the other hand, I already have a skating costume sketched and a riding habit for next week, so perhaps putting more on my plate is not an entirely wise idea.

Here is Florence, the paper doll that wears these dresses.


  1. Oh… the croquet hoop and mallet are SO neat. What a fun idea to give her accessories. I hope we’ll get more for her. Florence is my favorite paper doll you draw. Though I like Marisol a lot too.

  2. Wow! I peeked aat the Mansfield Gallery , my daughter that passed away loved fans, collected them. I sure would love to see the collection they have of 350 fans. I really like your site.

  3. Thanks, Marge and BeaK. I love museum websites of all stripes, because they usually show of parts of their collection and being an Alaskan girl who rarely got to visit such places, it was always a rush to see the photos of actual garments or paintings or even fans, though I haven’t looked at the their collection of them. I shall go do that. Florence should probably have at least one fan.

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