Curves: Flora Fauna

Generally, I find myself feeling dismissive of “flower fairies”. Complicated and often dark folklore seems to always turn into light children’s stories over time, but I still am a purist when it comes to my fairies. I like them grim and dark and full of blood. Of course, the blood has mostly been taken out to make them more acceptable to most parents (not to children who, on the whole, seem to not mind blood so much). Despite my usual distrust of anything deemed “darling” or “cute”, I began this drawing because I wanted to practice drawing flowers. So, I did and the result is… a lot of flowers.

A curvy black and white fairy paper doll with four dresses. From

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Keeping with my own slightly grimmer views on the world of fairies (and yes, I know I could spell it differently, but writing faeries would make my feel like a pretentious git with a need to spell out the digraph), I have done this Curves paper doll’s face very differently from her other paper doll friends. They are mostly human, after all, she is… Other. But as Other as she might be, I can’t stand her chin. I just… think it looks weird. It didn’t look weird when I sketched it…

Oh well, at least her undies are still cute.


  1. I think my favorite is the one with the flowers wrapped around it and strapless. The flowers are all SO pretty. And I don’t think the doll looks wierd. I think she’s pretty.

  2. So, there’s two ways to answer your question, EK Lei. The first is to simply say because the human face’s deepest area (and therefore the most shadowed) is the eye socket, so the area around the eye is the darkest. The second way is to say that on these paper dolls (with their extreme black and white values) that area becomes extremely large to match the heavily dark areas on the rest of the paper doll.

    While I kinda like how it looks, as Corissia says, I know other people don’t- including my former college roommate, two of my current friends and my mother to name a few.

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