Curves: Retro Style


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Her hair is my favorite part inspired by the thirties and twenties when women wore their hair in finger waves tight to the skull like Josephine Baker who was an entertainer, exotic dancer, movie star, French Resistance fighter and all around amazing woman. Seriously, cool lady.

And I do regret that my fashions for her aren’t quite as fantastic as a paper doll inspired by the remarkable Josephine Baker deserves, still I had fun with them and I wanted to do something a little retro, but not an actual vintage piece. So… there you go then.

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  1. Josephine Baker was totally cool. She had, among other things, a pet cheetah and worked in the French Resistance. How neat is that? Anyway, I do love the paper dolls hair, but agree her clothing doesn’t seem GLAM enough for a Baker like doll. Oh, and where’s Florence? I miss her.

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