Marisole Monday: Red Carpet Elegance


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I really have very little to say about this paper doll and her clothing except that I am trying to do more skin tones with Marisole and I draw formal gowns when I can’t think of what else to draw. I have nothing witty nor intelligent to say about the paper doll beyond that. Enjoy her.

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  1. Hi-

    Just wanted to let you know- I tried to email you with a paper doll copywrite question, but your email ( isn’t working.

  2. Well, thank you everyone on the wonderful feedback. I love the red dress myself, Corissia, but I think the white one is more elegant and less sexy. The teal one… well, that’s a bit much.

    As for my email, you are totally right Toni. Quite interesting… I have tried to fix it, but I haven’t managed to fix it yet, so try this one instead- paperthinpersonas (at)

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