Marisole Monday: Ahoy Matey


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So, I haven’t died. I promise.

My friend says to me: You know, if your blog were a child, Social Services would have been called by now.

And I said: If my blog was a child, there would be other more serious concerns.

And she said: Update your damn blog.

And I said: Meh.

And then about a week passed. And here we are. With a blog update. Proving to my mother, who gets concerned about me, that I am, in fact, not dead.

PS: The colors got messed up when I saved it into a web format, so I recommend downloading it.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I am so happy to see you back. I was really starting to worry
    that something awful might have happened to you. Marisole the Pirate is lovely.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Glad to see you back again! Love the detail on the red jacket and the little ripped edge on the tunic…

    I’ve been hearing a bit of complaining lately too… But I have a lot of time this month, and I think I might be wearing off my Japanese kick just enough to do a little paperdolling too. Anyways, I sketched out a May birthday dress: We’ll see if I can pull it off though, I’m rusty ^^;; Here’s to good luck for us, and lots of paperdolling!

  3. As a May birthday girl myself, I should hope you finish your May dress. 🙂 And it’s cool to see what your thumbnails look like. Mine look a bit like that, only without color notes. I should do color notes… it would make coloring Marisole way easier.

  4. Finished it! I’ll even get it up tonight. Thanks for the encouragement. ^^ Of course, now all the other months are going to have words with me…

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