Warrior Princess: Printable Paper Doll with some Curves & Armor

Fantasy warrior paper doll

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here For the Rest of the Series}

I’d like to say that when I draw things like these, it’s that I actually think wearing them in public would be a good idea unless, you know, you wanted to look like the head of a stud obsessed biker gang or possibly performance art. Still, I think they look cool. I tend to think if I wore them in public I would be asked nicely to go, you know, put on a real shirt.

But I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge guilty pleasure watching of shows like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and the fact that it creates paper dolls. I mean, drawing paper dolls is a geeky enough hobby without worrying about to much other geekdom coming through.

Quick Announcement: As sometimes happens, real life is going to get in the way of my paper dolling. I try to make these announcements a head of time, rather then just disappearing for a few days. I only kinda succeeded at that this time. PTP will be on break until the 4th of April. Hopefully, not longer then that. See you all then. – Rachel 3/29/2010


  1. Plus geekdom often makes some truly great paper dolls. I enjoy these types of outfits though, they make the doll seem adventurous. I like her hair here too.

  2. Go geekdom ! : ) : ) If you can pull it off everyone looks but nobody will ask you to do any thing. But real women do not usually wear stuff like that; accept for costume parties. These are wonderful and putting them on a curvy girl is great. Most of the time the girls are under fed stick girls;who look like a small breeze will blow they away to Kansas. Okay , deep breath, I am done with my rant. Have a good Day! : ) : ) : )

  3. Fudge this real life, always getting in the way of our paper dolling. Hope everything goes well with what ever is going on.

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